Civil law

Civil law or better known as Roman law is a legal system oriented in Europe. It developed from the basics of the late Roman law. The primary course of the law were the principles that were codified. To make a difference between common law, where the intellectual framework comes from the judges made decision law.

Looking through history, civil law represents a group of ideas and systems that are divided and come from Justinian Codec.

In the civilian system they tend to use codes with brief texts and to avoid scenarios that are factually specific.  Personal injury lawyer  can solve problems you have
The purpose of using codification system is to give all citizens written set of laws so they can apply them and every judge must obey and follow those rules. This is most spread system of the law in the world, it has its variations, but approximately 150 handshakestates around the world use it. The key thing of these law, considering that he is using a codes, is a law code. Law code is a set of related articles, arranged in order by one subject matter, where there is explained principle of the law, rights, entitlements and generally how legal mechanism of one state is working. They are also approved by the legal body of the state.

Civil law area of work is to deals with case law apart from any other priority value. Civil law courts usually make decision on cases by using codal provisions on a “case by case” basis without looking others even superior judicial decision.


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