International law

International law is branch of law that is applied without considering state borders. What makes it distinctive in relation to the internal law is the specificity and particularity of its sanctions to compel. In the recent past, this right had no sanction and coercion, which should be carried out according to certain international entities was done directly or is omitted. These are the reasons why particular theorists denied its legal character and they did not regard it as a special kind of law.
International affairs are applied on all subjects of international law, whether they accepted them by their internal laws or not. On the other hand, contracts are binding only for those international subjects who have joined international contracts.

Contracts can be bilateral or multilateral (Convention). What they all have in common is that contracting subjects must entitle to the principle of “pacta sunt servant” (contracts must be obeyed) because the respect of this principle provides, for another effective way enforceability of international standards.

International-LawJudicial decisions, made by the International Court of Justice, produced legal action against subjects that were parties to the dispute. Recently, their importance extends to other subjects. This source of law is considered to be a precedent, and as such it appears as an independent source of law.
As mentioned above authorities, as additional laws are considered fairness and morality. Fairness is used as a special source of law when the opposing parties authorize the arbitrator to a fair verdict regardless of the existing law.

International law can be divided into public international law and private international law. Private international law by some theorists’ claims is not international in the full sense of the word, but its standards are included in the system of domestic law. Public international law, as a branch of law has several of its sub branch of which the most important are: Diplomatic law, War and Humanitarian Law, law of the Sea, contract law and etc.CIL-Home-Full-Banners

The former dilemma of whether international law is law or not at all is starting to lose at its meaning, because the creation of norms of international law and the establishments and functioning of international organizations for the implementation of these international legal norms and acts, they are helping it to be more affirmed as a law. Also international law have access to medical treatment. In this case, you can call  kidney disease lawyers.

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